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NPC Mate Genie - rating: ADULT

The NPC Mate Genie is for use in OSgrid and other Metaverses that are powered by Opensimulator.

Package contents:

Instructions (read me)
NPC Mate Lantern - The object that houses the Genies. (Comes with: Sara Genie, Matt Genie, Aedann Genie, and Misty Genie)
NPC Mate Controller - The object the NPC wears to be controlled. (Used to make genies in grids other than OSgrid). Do not rez this, it is worn and is inviable.

Available at: - Lady Island on OSgrid

Description Version V6.0

NPC Mate Genie is an NPC character that has a special scripted controller attached to it's chin. This controller allows you to take control of your genie in two different ways. You can always click on the genies head and get the menu that gives you mast of the basic controls you need to make the genie function as a regular avatar. If you are on a region or grid that has a supporting chat control server for the genie, you can control and talk with them via chat on open chat. The genie will only listen to, and chat with a single user. This is normally the avatar that rezzed them from their lantern. Your genie will serve only one master at a time. It will physically interact with any avatar you tell it to and with other genies.
New "TSim objects" use special communications built into NPC Mate Genie to control the genie when it is using the object. It is possible to use existing objects as potential sit objects by making a simple modification to the object name. This allows the genie to display it in the sit menu given when you tell the genie to sit. You must test the object to be sure the scripts in the object will work with your genie. Not all objects are scripted to function correctly with an NPC.

NPC Mate Lantern

This is the home for your genies. The lantern can be configured to be either a "public" or "private" lantern. The default is a "private" lantern. The difference: a public lantern will rezz genies for any avatar that touches it while the private lantern will only allow the owner of the lantern to rez genies.
When you touch the lantern you are presented with a menu giving you several options. One of the options is to "make NPC" which gives you the ability to create your own genies by using your own avatar. The lantern comes with four pre-made genies ready to respond to your commands.
The genie is capable of being controlled from their built-in menu system, or via the open chat channel if your region or grid has a supporting genie chat server. Clicking on their head will present you with the built-in menu. (This is only available to the user who rezzed the genie) The built-in menu allows you to do many of the things with the genie that the chat commands are able to do.
Chat control is only available if the genie is connected to a chat server. Genies on TSim regions have access to my chat server which is under constant development.

NPC Mate Controller *** NOT TO BE USED ON OSGRID ***

This item is only intended for those who are taking NPC Mate Genie to another grid other than OSgrid, or a standalone. It is not needed nor should it be used on OSgrid. The controller is a transparent item and is only intended to be worn on the chin to control the genie. If you accidentally rez this item on your region, you will need to use "View Transparent" to find and delete it. You would wear this item on your chin if you want to create a new CMAP card for your lantern. You must wear this before you clone yourself, then follow the direction in the technical information section to create a new CMAP card.
There is another way to create a genie from an existing NPC appearance. Those instructions are in the technical information section. Before attempting to take NPC Mate Genie to another grid, or making your own genies, it is recommended you read the entire technical section to understand what is needed to make them work.

The difference between OWNERS, USERS, and how it affects what your genie remembers.
The lantern can be set to two states, "public" or "private (default)". This is set in the configuration card and determines who is allowed to launch a genie from the lantern. The owner of the genie is set to the avatar that is the owner of the lantern. If you launch a Sara Genie from your lantern, and another avatar launches a Sara Genie from YOUR lantern, it would cause all sorts of issues.
To avoid this happening, the lantern is only able to rez one of any contained genie at a time. An example is if you rez Sara Genie and then click on the lantern you will not be given Sara Genie as a possible genie to rez. Since a lantern can not rezz two copies of the same genie we do not have a problem.
If you are the owner of two different lanterns which contain the same genies, should you ever rezz the same genie from each lantern at the same time, the results are unpredictable and is something you should never do.
An OWNER/USER should not have more than one copy of the same genie rezzed.
It is recommended you do not duplicate lanterns with the same genies.
Different users of a public lantern can rez Sara Genie and each will have a totally different Sara with different memories. This will work fine as long as no OWNER ever places two lanterns out with the same genies in them.
In a private lantern the user is the same as the owner. The user is the avatar the genie is being controlled by. A genie has two kinds of memories;
- Avatar memory. This is unique information about each avatar(user) the genie has been with and is shared. An example would be your favorite color.
- Genie memory. This is information the genie remembers about things they have done with a user.
Note: If you have your genie do things with another genie or avatar, those things will be in your genies memory. This is because the user has directed the genie to do something with another avatar or genie. In a public lantern, everything a genie does will be in their memory. An example of this would be if you had your genie kiss another avatar or genie, that event would be in your genies memory.

Using both the OWNER and the USER makes it possible for different avatars to have the same genies. They will have totally different memories and information stored in their brain. Simply stated, you can have a Sara Genie and another avatar on your grid can have a Sara Genie from there lantern. They are totally different genies. That is because in this case each lantern is owned by a different avatar, so the OWNER is not the same.

There are two different menu's. The Lantern menu, and the Genie menu.
Unfortunately, these menu's appear in the same location on your screen. Only one can be active at a time.
If you accidentally bring up multiple menu's close them all. Then launch the one you really want.
Keep in mind most menu's will timeout after a short time but will not vanish from your screen.

You launch a Genie by touching the Lantern and navigating the menu selections.
It is highly recommended you use the "help" function and get copies of the note card files for both the Lantern and the Genie.
Once the Genie appears, you control the Genie by touching the Genie's head. This launches the menu for the Genie.

Some things to remember

  • A genie is not able to leave the region where it is rezzed.
  • A genie will not survive a region restart.
  • You can not "give" a rezzed genie to someone.
  • You can launch multiple genies, but only one of a particular genie from a lantern.
  • If your lantern is set for "public" anyone visiting your region can launch a genie.
  • You are able to change their outfits or undress them depending on what appearances you have loaded into your lantern.
  • You must edit the name of any object you want the genie to be able to "sit" on by adding "@-" to the beginning of the objects name.
    example: "comfortable chair" would become "@-comfortable chair".
  • Not all existing scripts will work correctly with a genie. It is recommended you edit the objects name and then verify it works before leaving it edited for genie usage.
  • You can trade genie "appearance" note cards with others, to share the genies you create. Every lantern will modify it's appearance cards with the CMAP card that defines the genie controller supported on that region/grid when it is rezzed

A little about the chat mode implemented on the TSim chat server

  • When in chat mode they will only respond to one "user", the avatar that launched them.
  • If you launch more than one genie in chat mode you are controlling, the results in chat are unpredictable. Some things will work and other will not. You can easily get confused to what genie is saying what. I recommend you do not have more than one genie enabled for chat at a time.
  • The chat implementation allows you to tell them to be "silent". Just type "silence" in local chat.
  • When in "silent mode" a genie will still respond to commends. (all genies "you" have enabled for chat will respond to the command. Silent mode does not prevent this.)
  • Starting with release 6.0 you can chat with individual genies by prefixing your chat with the slash and their first name. (ex. "/sara how are you today") Only Sara will respond. You would only need to do this is you were controlling multiple genies.
  • The genie will respond to you with correct "gender responses".
  • There are many chat commands the genie can respond to. Most of the menu commands are available.
  • Do not expect the genie to always make sense when it responds. The chat brain is in constant development and will improve over time.
  • The fun will be to find what the genie is able to do, then share your found secrets with your friends. Remember the genie is an "adult" version.
  • To get you started, here are some typical commands:
    "follow me", "come here", "kneel", "get up", "needs", "sit", "dance", "bye"
  • If your genie really gets messed up, you can wipe out it's memory and reinitialize it with the super command of "CMDRESET".
  • Each genie has it's own memories for each user. (based on first and last name)
  • The chat functions are a treasure hunt for you to discover.
  • Suggestions are always welcome. The things a genie can be made to do are nearly the same as any avatar.

Genie gender identification

A genies gender is one of the following seven types: male, female, transvestite, animal, eunuch, generic, cross-dresser,)

(This has not been implemented yet and is reserved)
An avatar made using a "male" body with feminine features. Typically wearing female clothing. This gender genie has male sex organs.
An avatar built using the "male" body. This gender genie has modified male sex organs. Eunuch's have no scrotum as the testicles are still inside their body. The penis functions normal but the Eunuch is sterile. Eunuch's have no sexual desires of their own. They will obey the commands given them by their user, and will enjoy sexual activities. Eunuch's do not initiate sexual activities unless directed to do so by their owner. Eunuch's are excellent harem servants, and make useful sex play companions for both male and female avatars.
An avatar built using the "female" body. This gender genie has female sex organs.
An avatar where gender is not able to be determined. Genie scripts treat this as a male type avatar.
An avatar built using the "male" body. This gender genie has male sex organs.
An avatar built using the "female" body. This gender genie has male sex organs.

Genie personality and morality

Genies possess a special advanced DNA. They have evolved to be incapable of contracting or spreading disease. There immune system has advanced to be the perfect defense against any type of infection. Their body has evolved to rapidly heal from any cuts, their bones can not break. They do not bruise, their vines do not rupture so bruises or even turning red does not happen to their skin. They are incredibly efficient and seldom will need to eat or drink. Their needs do not follow those of the average human, but they do have the same needs. They do not age nor do they procreate. They will remain the same age forever once they are created. They do have emotions and understand those of the average human. Sex to a genie is a social activity. It does not involve morality, or social customs. All of the religious and social reasons to restrict sex does not exist in their minds. It is a pleasureful activity which they enjoy like any other social activity such as a good conversation. There is no stigma associated with sex, they enjoy having sex with anyone. Pain and pleasure to a genie is the same. Because their bodies are nearly indestructible, pain is a caution warning they enjoy. It only tells the genie to proceed with caution. A genie is capable of being both submissive and dominant. You can train them to be more one than the other. You can even turn them into a slave, or a Master. However they will always willingly perform any activity you tell them to no matter what level of submissiveness or domination they have.

Starting with release 6.0 the genie has autonomous mode

The genie is able to be placed into autonomous mode by it's user. It can only be placed into this mode if it currently is not involved in any activity.
To place a genie into autonomous mode you use the command "freewill". (you can also say "you have free will")
The genie will select activities based on how submissive or dominant they are.
You can remove free will from a genie by saying "/sara end freewill" or by clicking on their head to give them any command. The ability to capture a hostage, or be taken hostage is implemented with free will.
A genie does not have to have free will to take someone hostage but they can not be doing some other activity when you tell them to capture a hostage..
A captor can only have one hostage at a time.
A hostage can only have one captor at a time.
A genie must have free will and not be doing any activity to be taken hostage.
To take a hostage, you tell your captor genie to take a specific named genie hostage. (ex. "capture sara genie") You must use the full first and last name of the genie. If Sara Genie is in free will and not doing anything, she will become your genies hostage.
You can tell them what you want them to do with their hostage once they have a hostage by saying ("kiss hostage") You can combing these two commands by saying something like this: ("capture sara genie and kiss her")
You tell your captor genie to order their hostage by saying things such as: ("/matt tell you hostage to come to you", "/matt tell your hostage to follow you", "/matt kiss hostage") I used the individual form of chatting with matt because I presume you also rezzed sara and you do not what her responding to what you are telling matt to do. Keep in mind this new feature is in it's early stages of implementation and has very limited functionality. At this time your captor can only take a genie hostage. Once you have told a captor to take a hostage you can give them free will and they will decide what they want to do with their hostage. Don't expect much at this early state of development.

Technical Information

Before NPC Mate Genie can work on a sim the region must be configured to allow the OSSL script functions to operate.
You must verify that the GridCommon.ini file, or the .ini file you are using for your simulator, has the following entries. Without these, NPC Mate Genie will not function.
------------- opensim region configuration file additions for release 5.0 ---------------------------------
OSFunctionThreatLevel = VeryHigh
Allow_osAgentSaveAppearance = true
Allow_osAvatarName2Key = true
Allow_osAvatarPlayAnimation = true
Allow_osAvatarStopAnimation = true
Allow_osGetAgents = true
Allow_osGetAvatarList = true
Allow_osGetGender = true
Allow_osGetNotecard = true
Allow_osGetNotecardLine = true
Allow_osGetNumberOfNotecardLines = true
Allow_osGetRegionSize = true
Allow_osGetRegionStats = true
Allow_osGetSimulatorMemory = true
Allow_osIsNpc = true
Allow_osKey2Name = true
Allow_osMakeNotecard = true
Allow_osMessageAttachments = true
Allow_osMessageObject = true
Allow_osNpcCreate = true
Allow_osNpcGetPos = true
Allow_osNpcGetRot = true
Allow_osNpcLoadAppearance = true
Allow_osNpcMoveTo = true
Allow_osNpcMoveToTarget = true
Allow_osNpcPlayAnimation = true
Allow_osNpcRemove = true
Allow_osNpcSaveAppearance = true
Allow_osNpcSay = true
Allow_osNpcSetRot = true
Allow_osNpcShout = true
Allow_osNpcSit = true
Allow_osNpcStand = true
Allow_osNpcStopAnimation = true
Allow_osNpcStopMoveToTarget = true
Allow_osNpcTouch = true
Allow_osNpcWhisper = true
Allow_osUnixTimeToTimestamp = true

How to make your own Genie on OSgrid

  • To make your own Genie, you need to rezz the Genie lantern on an OSSL enabled region(sim).
  • Create the look you want using your own avatar.
  • MOST IMPORTANT, do not wear the genie controller on OSgrid. This will always be added using the "cmap" note card in the lantern.
  • Once you have the look you want for your Genie, click on "Clone Genie". (Remember if you use attachments and re-position them on your genie, you must detach and reattach the attachment object to save the position information before you make your clone.)
  • If you clicked on "Clone Self", the lantern has made an NPC of your avatar without the "cmap" controller added to it. (Use "Delete Self" to remove your clone from the region AND remove the appearance note card from the lantern.
  • To remove only your cloned Genie from the region, click on the Genie head and click on "send home". This will remove the Genie from the region but leave the appearance note card in the lantern.
  • You can rename your new genie by using the viewers edit object tool, and renaming the appearance card in the lantern. (See "Technical Information" for the file name format)

When you click "Rezz Genie" you will see your clone as one of the Genies you can rezz.
The lantern will always use the cmap card to add the genie controller to any Genie it rezzes. This means if you create a clone NPC of yourself and then do a rez of that appearance in the lantern it will be converted to a Genie automatically. To keep your genie controller at the most recent version, it is only necessary to replace the cmap card in your lantern with the latest version.
The Genie Lantern can make an infinite number of Genies. It will display them in alphabetical order.

Care should be use when using "Remove All". This command will remove all Genies and NPC's that exist on the entire region. If you are on a region like a var region with other residents, you will delete their Genies and NPC's.
The "Remove All" does not remove the appearance card from your lantern. Once you have created a Genie, you will see a note card in the lantern inventory starting with the file name "~".
You can easily change the name of your genie by changing the first and last name to the new name. Be sure to change the gender of the Genie to the correct gender.
The gender of an avatar is remembered by opensim software in the actual shape of the avatar. It is very important to be sure you change the gender of any genies you make in the "appearance" tab so the shape will reflect the proper "male/female" gender. If you are making a genie of a gender different than your personal avatar, be sure you change the gender in "appearance" before you save the NPC using the lantern. Additionally the file name of the genie is able to deal with a few different types of gender modification. Currently it is able to reflect the unique differences of a "transvestite" and the "eunuch". These are both modifications to the base "male" avatar shape. The gender defined in the genie file name is used specifically by the chat server brain.
The format of the genie file name follows this format:~Firstname Lastname-g-2017-11-17-1345-0xxx
~ -- The identifier of a genie appearance notecard
Firstname -- The genies first name
Lastname -- The genies last name
g -- The genies gender (accepted values are: m-male, f-female, t-transvestite, a-animal, e-eunuch, g-generic, c-cross-dresser,)
2014 -- Year the Genie was made
11 -- Month the Genie was made
17 -- Day the Genie was made
1345 -- Time the Genie was made (in 2400 hour clock)
0xxx -- The Genies traits. Each letter has it's own set of values.

1st letter
0-Genie size values are 0-9, a-z (this determines the offset for a genies "sit" on TSim scripted objects, the default is: 0 "zero")

2nd letter (Genies outfit type)
a- PJ's ( any night wear that isn't sexy)
b- BDSM (dressed for BDSM activities like cufs, ankle cufs, leash, bondage, Master/Mistress attire, etc.))
c- Casual ( the standard daily look)
d- Dressy (business casual)
e- Beach (dressed for the beach but not for the water)
f- Formal (dressed for a state dinner at the white house)
g- Grungy ( the torn and dirty look)
h- Holiday (christmas, 4th of july, etc)
k- Racy (over the top sexy)
l- Lingerie (the stuff you find at Victoria Secrets)
m- Semi Nude (partial nudity where some portion of a persons bits are showing)
n- Naked (nothing on at all)
o- Costume (halloween, etc)
p- Party (party type more so that just casual)
q- special (previous outfit, DO NOT USE)
r- Sports (sports wear or uniforms)
s- Swim (dressed for being in the water or under the water. Come on folks no hats or shoes)
t- Topless (either male or female dressed topless)
u- Underwear (the normal undies most of us wear day to day)
w- Uniform (Dr. nurse, police, military, etc)
x- Undefined (default)
y- Sexy (for public view but on the sexy side, you know it when you see it)
z- Other

3rd letter (currently unused)

4th letter
n-Genie not dressed to have sex
y-Genie is dressed in a way they can have sex

The above format is required for proper operation with the Genie scripts.
The Genie traits section is needed for the scripts, but the values are only meaningful if the Genie is using a TSim chat server.
The Genie chat server is set up to use the Program-o bot chat server.
Other servers could be used but you would need to edit the controller chat script to work with other servers.
I have released the AIML code and plug-in module for the Program-o chat server. It will respond correctly using the above defined traits.
Editing the AIML is no trivial task. If you have that knowledge, there is little you could not program into the Genies brain.
On OSgrid, my personal server supports the Genies on TSim regions. It can NOT be used if you choose to run your own Genies on your own hosted regions. br/> Operating a chat server is not part of the "NPC Mate Genie" project. Your best source of information would be the Program-o forum.

NPC Genie Lantern Configuration Note Card

// NPC Genie rezzer Configuration File Version V6.0
//Comments are delineated by a '//'.
//Each line contains one setting, in the format 'Property=Value'. (no spaces are permitted)
rezpoint=avatar // Where to rez the Genie(avatar = near avatar, lantern = near lantern).
offset=<0, 1.5, 0> // Offset from the rezpoint to rez the Genie (in x,y,z vector format).
rotation=<0, 0, 0> // (the rotation of your NPC in vector format: x,y,z axis)
folder=~NPC Genies // The name of the folder to create in your inventory for appearances when using the "save to inventory" command.
private=0 // The "private" parameter restricts who can rez a genie from the lantern. 0 = "anyone can rez a genie", 1 = "owner use only".
genieprivate=1 // The "genieprivate" parameter restricts the Genie rezzed to have memories of only the avatar controlling it if set to 1.
chatmode=1 // The "chatmode" parameter determines the chatmode of the genie upon rezzing.
// 0 = off.
// 1 = genie responds to all chat from it's user.
// 2 = genie responds to only "name qualified" chat from it's user. name qualified input example, /matt how are you today // the url of the chat server (do not include the http:// part in the url here). If no chaturl is present, chatmode will be forced off.

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