Public Areas

Region - Christmas Island

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Seasonal theme based region featuring a winter theme with ice skating.

Parcel - Lady Island

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The center parcel on TSim 2 VAR region. It is a friendly tropical island.

Home of the TSim Store. Shop for TSim products including NPC Mate Genie.

Four Vacation cottages are available for two week stays as a temporary home.

Region - Nudist Island

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TSim's clothing optional resort island. Both textile and the nudist are at home here.

Parcel - Treasure Bay

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TSim's water world. Featuring swimming, SCUBA diving, jet ski's. Be sure to visit the underwater world of caves and wrecks. Coming soon a mermaid guided tour of the underwater world.


Region - TSim 1

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*Breezy Point - Lady Lenore
Candy Apple Island - Megan Starfire
Castaway Island - Penny Farthing
Cinnimon Island - Jean Severine
Coral Sands - Juli Pennie
Cresent Island - zeta mistwalker
Cresent Island - Alienlover Maestro
Fish Island - Maggy Lay
Ghost Island - juso manlief
Lost Island - Mister D
Outcast Island - Masha Romanova
Paradise Isle - Lilith Dragonfire
Pearl Isle - keyla illina
Pelican Island - Rosie Mathews
Shelter Island - Lynx Juel
Starfish Island - leticia carey85
*Tranquil Bay - Kayleigh Rose
Treasure Bay - Public Center Area

Region - TSim 2

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Angel Island - AJ Rover
Blueberry Island - Silver Glass
Dolphin Island - Luiza Deed
Dragon Island - Jane Wick
Fantasy Island - Bobbie Coultier
Flyspeck Island - Drika Darkness
Hope Island - Allsan San
Jambalaya Island - CandyApple Red
Lady Island - Public Center Area
Mystery Isle - Gucci Chanel
Patch Island - Amy 39
Rain Drop Island - VISIT ONLY
Rum Island - Gorewing Wachter
*Sanctuary Cove - Peter Sailor
Serendipity Island - Liza Bella
Sister Islands - Yetzari Itzel
Split Island - Nay Kell
Sunset Island - Redje Devrouw
*Willow Hills - Manny Vel

Region - TSim 3


Region - TSim 4


Special Regions

Region - Sanctuary

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The home of Slow Putzo.

Region - TSim Oceans

The oceans are place-holder regions. Any objects placed on an ocean will be returned within 1 minute.