About TSim

TSim is located on OSgrid with servers located in Tampa, Florida. The time observed in world is PST USA. TSim is a residential area made up of VAR regions. This area is hosted by Slow Putzo with home sites for those who are not able to host their own land and need a place to call home.
Currently there are two residential VAR regions with over 30 free homestead islands.

Technical Information
Four servers, (bandit1, bandit2, bandit3, bandit4) running Fedora Linux host the regions.
Server time observe is -5 UTC (EST).
All servers reboot nightly at 4 am. The regions are backed up to OAR's after the reboot. 30 days of backups are kept.
The version of opensim software is V0.9.1 usually at the current Master git.
The enabled physics engine is ubOde. (Testing of the ubODE physics is on-going)
All regions have the OSSL functions enabled that are necessary for the TSim products to function correctly. (Not all OSSL functions are enabled)
Keep in mind that the TSim servers are located at my home and are not commercially hardened. They do go down from time to time.

Our Staff

Slow Putzo

The creator of TSim and your host.

gemini17 rising

Slow Putzo's former partner. Gem passed away on Nov 21, 2015.

Ztarlite Ball

"Z" as she is affectionately refereed to, is a special friend who created Hidden Gem and Treasure Bay for Slow Putzo. She has been absent from OSgrid since 2015.

Jessie Campbell

Jessie is the estate manager of Nudist Island and in charge of it's development.

Kayleigh Rose

Kayleigh is the estate manager of Treasure Bay and in charge of it's development.

Anna Adamant

Anna Adamant is the estate manager of Lady Island and in charge of it's development.