Treasure Bay


Treasure Bay is the theme parcel located at the center of (VAR)Region TSim 1. The theme of this parcel is tropical relaxation, and SCUBA Diving. It has a well decorated sea floor, as well as an elaborate set of underwater caves to explore.
Explore this entire area fully. There are hidden treasures to find everywhere.
Try your skills at jet sky. See how well you are able to use the "jump" to get airborne. As a point of interest, many of the photos of Treasure Bay were taken while on a jet ski.
Visitors who wish to explore the underwater world of this area should obtain SCUBA equipment at Slow's Super Store located on the beach area in the north east corner of the parcel.
This area sports above water activities of jet skiing, canoing, swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing. The south west corner has a lovely dock and bar area to meet friends and dance to the streaming music.
Coming soon is a mermaid guided individual tour of the underwater caves or a couples submarine tour of the same caves. Of course the tour is only a partial introduction of the elaborate cave system. Explore the rest on your own. A word of caution for those of you who do not posses a good sense of direction, it is very easy to get hopelessly lost in the caves.