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TSim Products

TSim brand's products under two names.
"TSim" and "NPC Mate"

TSim Regions

The TSim 8 by 8 OSGrid matrix consists of: Public and Residential VAR regions for all to enjoy.

Home sites

If you are not able to host your own land, check us to see if we have any vacant home sites available.

Our residents

Our residents are from around the world. We are a small community of friendly OSgriders.

Christmas Isle - Public

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Seasonal theme based region featuring a winter theme with ice skating.

Lady Island - Public

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The center parcel on TSim 2 VAR region. It is a friendly tropical island.
Home of the TSim Store. Shop for TSim products including NPC Mate Genie.
Four Vacation cottages are available for two week stays as a temporary home.

Nudist Island - Public

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A clothing optional tropical island Region.

Treasure Bay - Public

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The center parcel on TSim 1 VAR region It is a tropical island devoted to water play above and below the surface. Visit Slows super store for your SCUBA equipment. Explore the underwater world and caves.

Hidden Gem - Private

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A special gift to gemini17 rising.
(Island is not restricted)

Sanctuary - Private

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The home of Slow Putzo.
(Island is not restricted)